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Education Provider Types


General Further Education (GFE) College

A large college environment offering a wide range of vocational subjects as well as some academic subjects. Many also offer a small supported learning environment and specialist provision.

SEND: Many GFEs offer a supported learning environment and specialist provision for young people with SEND.

Training Provider

A smaller group environment offering vocational subjects and often specialising in a small number of industries.

SEND: Training providers will work with you to identify what extra support you may need.

Sixth Form College

A large college environment offering a wide range of academic subjects as well as some vocational options. Many also offer a small learning environment with support

SEND: Many sixth form colleges offer a small supported learning environment that provides support to young people with SEND.

School Sixth Form

Attached to a secondary school, this is a smaller academic learning environment.

SEND: School sixth forms have support staff available to help students with SEND.

Special School

Offer specialised provision for special educational needs. They have a range of academic and vocational courses as well as focus on living skills, personal development, and employability. Placements at post-16 special schools are limited and are decided on a case by case basis.

Many will have a specialism and be equipped to support certain levels and types of need. This can include severe and complex needs, physical disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and challenging behaviour. For more information on this type of provision, please visit SEND Options.


Not all providers offer every type of learning. The table below will give you an idea of what each provider generally offers.


                                                    Work based         Vocational      Academic

Training Provider                              yes                      yes                limited

GFE College                                      yes                       yes                limited

Sixth Form College                                                       yes                  yes

School Sixth Form                                                      limited               yes

Special School                                                               yes                 yes