Qualification Types

Supported Learning:

A tailored programme for high needs students, such as those with special educational needs and disabilities.

Style of learning = vocational

Functional Skills:

Qualifications available in English, maths and ICT (at a range of levels) that develop practical skills in applying knowledge to work and life.

Style of learning = vocational


A traditional level 2 academic qualification.

Style of learning = academic

International Baccalaureate:

An internationally recognised programme made up of three core 'elements' and six subjects (more information on the International Baccalaureate).

Style of learning = academic


A work-related qualification that combines practical learning with theory, provided by the Business and Technology Education Council.

Style of learning = work based/vocational


A work based qualification which develops skills and knowledge for a specific job.

Style of learning = work based/vocational

A Level:

A traditional level 3 academic qualification, usually studied over 2 years.

Style of learning = academic



Each style of learning has it's own set of levels to study at. The table below helps you to compare the different levels.

Image depicting different levels and styles of learning