East Surrey College Open EventESC New Logo

East Surrey College are holding an open event Saturday 15 June 10.00-13.00. It's a great chance to explore what the college has to offer, meet staff and students and take a look around the fantastic facilities. For more information and to pre-register please visit https://esc.ac.uk/events/Open-events-2019 


NESCOT Open Events  NESCOT Logo

NESCOT are holding an open event on 22 May from 4.30pm - 7.30pm. It's a great chance to visit the college, find out about the opportunities they have to offer and meet the staff. For more information and to register visit http://www.nescot.ac.uk/openevenings


Brooklands College Open EventsBrooklands College Logo

Brooklands College are holding a number of open events in April. It's a great chance to visit the college, find out about the opportunities they have to offer and meet the staff. For more information visit https://www.brooklands.ac.uk/events/


Guildford College Open EventGuildford College Logo

Guildford College is holding an open event on Tuesday 18 June from 5.30pm - 8pm. It's a great to chance to find out what it's like to go to Guildford College, meet the staff and students and have a look roudn the great facilities. For more information and to register visit https://www.guildford.ac.uk/NewsEvents/OpenDayRegistration.aspx


Young Apprentice Ambassador Network

The Young Apprentice Ambassador Network (YAAN) is open to young people aged 16-26 who are keen to champion apprenticeships and promote them at events such as school assemblies and careers fair. If you're an apprentice or you have previously been an apprentice and would like to join the YAAN then you can register to join the YAAN by visiting https://amazingapprenticeships.com/yaan/what-is-the-yaan/


Apprenticeship Live Broadcasts Amazing Apprenticeships Logo

The Apprenticeship Live Broadcasts enable you to speak directly to apprenticeship employers and their apprentices live via the internet and hear about the latest opportunities, the skills they are looking for, the recruitment process and how you can best prepare for the world of work after school or college. For more information please visit https://resources.amazingapprenticeships.com/live-broadcasts/


Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) Campus ToursACM Logo

ACM in Guildford are holding weekly campus tours. They are a great opportunity to explore the facilities and ask any questions you may have. For more information, please visit https://www.acm.ac.uk/open-days/?utm_source=social&utm_campaign=open_day_social&utm_medium=twitter.


Thrive: Creative CareersThrive Creative Careers Hub Logo

In order to help young people understand the wide range of creative careers that are available, the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) has created Thrive, a knowledge hub where you can download information about different creative careers, pathway options, fairs and events. It will also act as a community where you can ask questions about anything related to creative careers. https://www.uca.ac.uk/thrive/